• “In short, Beauty is everywhere.

    It is not that beauty is lacking to our eye, but our eyes which fail to perceive her.”


    by Auguste Rodin (French Sculptor)

    We believe that every flower has its unique character. With an eye for beauty, we strive to express the beauty of the flower in every stage of its life cycle through a creative and artistic way. 

     We are a high-end floral design team with professional skills and finer aesthetic taste. It is the originality, uniqueness in our work and precize on details make us stand out from the rest of the industry. 

    We have never seized on innovations and experimenting diverse cross and match ideas from other field, because we strongly believe that art is an universal language across any industry. We inspired from fashion, achitecture and even the latest news to create our original work.  


    "Mon Chou Chou" is an appellation comes from French,

    meaning "my sweet little cabbage".

    This is to address someone who is really close to you. MCC wish to deliver the joy of sharing the flower as a natural gift to someone who means really significant to you!

  • More about us

    Zero Waste

    Going green

    We take great care to preserve our nature by minimizing our packaging, compost flower cuttings and reduce our footprint by recycling the soft plastics, metal, and paper that tend to plague the flower industry!

    Social Responsibility


    We are devoted to Volunteer by working on meaningful projects like teaching Children, Elderly and Single mums flower arrangement skills, and holding fundraising event for the social minority.

    We hope we can make a difference in the community as much as we can, even in the smallest way.